Photo to illustrate Church Growth
Photo of a Baptism Service

It has been many years since those exciting days. Many people have come and gone, reflective both of the military influence, and the local economic “booms and busts”, of Colorado Springs’ past. Begun as a “pan-Orthodox” community, Saints Constantine and Helen has become a haven for those from other religious backgrounds. Visiting today, you will find us approximately 200 or so people struggling to live the fullness of Christian life together as it has been preserved and handed down to us. More than half of us are relatively new to Orthodoxy, a third of us range from new-born to young adult, we are not just a few young families, while many of our respected original founders are among us to this day. We are Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian… we are also South African, German, Anglo, Hispanic… Texan, Californian, Pennsylvanian… “American”. You will find us regularly participating in our Liturgical Life as a community. We have our Sunday fellowship meals, our social activities, our fund-raisers, Church Schools, Camps, and Retreats. We keep the fasts, we celebrate the Feasts. We struggle, we pray, we take to heart the Lord’s commandment: “deny yourself, take up your cross… come and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24). We seek to be evangelists by acquiring the virtues of Christ, becoming the “savour” of acceptable sacrifice (2 Corinthians 2:15; Matthew 5:16). We work to love one another (I John 4:12). We strive to be faithful. In September 2001, SS Constantine and Helen Church was blessed to break ground on a second new and glorious temple—reflective of both the quantitative and qualitative growth of Orthodoxy in southern Colorado. Not only is it larger, to accommodate growth, but it witnesses to the world the beauty, majesty, and fullness of Orthodox faith and our life together in Christ. The new “Theophany temple” was completed in June of 2002.

Photo of Church Growth
Photo of Church Growth
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